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Dissociative identity disorder is a disorder caused by childhood trauma. When we're young, we are different states of consciousnesses, between the ages of 6 and 9, these states unify creating a cohesive personality. If there is trauma, we can start building amnesia between these states, and they often develop not knowing each other are there.

We started finding ourselves in 2020, aged 37, after decades of poor mental health and cyclical breakdowns, and being told that we 'just' have depression and anxiety. Many people are unaware of DID, including within the medical community, even though it's estimated that 1-3% of people have DID and 10% have a dissociative disorder - it's as common as red hair, and definitely not 'rare', as is often assumed.

We're sharing personal stories from people with DID, about their experiences of trying to access diagnosis and therapy, and anything else about living with DID, we have a blog for articles about DID, and have written an open letter that we don't know what to do with. 


We're doing this because we want to make this world easier for those people who've often suffered a lot during their childhood and desperately need help, yet their doctors are often either not or misinformed. We appreciate the strain the NHS is under, and don't wish to add to it, but DID is a disorder plagued with doubt and denial, and a little understanding goes a long way.

Listen to DID we write here...

BBC Radio Sheffield

Amber, Mia and Berlou talked to Paulette Edwards about their DID journey and Mia's poetry and books. Click here to listen on the BBC Sounds website.

Beyond 6 Seconds Podcast

DID we write were honoured to be invited to talk to Carolyn about their books and DID journey. Click here to listen and watch on the Beyond 6 Seconds website.

Signal Award Winner
2023 Gold Winner - Best Conversation Starter - Individual Episode
2023 Listener's Choice Winner - Best Conversation Starter - Individual Episode

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