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Meet the Crew

Now that we’ve given a brief introduction to who we are as a system, I supposed I should introduce who some of our main peeps are. These are the alters that either front most often, or their names will come up as we share stories.

Shell (she/her) - the host of the system. As the host she is the one who fronts most often. She takes care of most of the things we need to do to function as a human being. Most of our adult life has followed her trajectory. She is the one most likely to be writing blog posts as she’s always been a bit of a writer.

Cameron (he/him) - our primary protector. He is in charge of keeping the system safe, and especially making sure our host stays safe. If someone needs to be yanked out of the front, it’s most likely Cameron doing the yanking. He is the one most able to talk sense into Shell when she’s being ridiculous. And he looks after the littles, with the help of our caretaker.

Megumi (he/they) - Megumi exists as a companion to Cameron. Cameron carries a lot for the system, and Megumi is who Cameron can turn to for comfort. Megumi will also sometimes front if the body is stressed or depressed. He carries the joy for our system, so when he fronts the body is a lot more relaxed.

Mary (she/her) - our caretaker. She is in charge of making sure all the alters are taken care of. Sometimes she will front to take care of the body, household chores, or parenting, especially if Shell is feeling overwhelmed. Mary prefers not to front, but she does have a big role internally.

Ricki (he/him) - Ricki holds the anger of the system. He is also an emotional protector. If we deem ourselves to be in an emotionally aggressive situation, Ricki will front and stand up for us. Ricki is also the one who made Shell discover the system, which ironically is the opposite of what he was trying to do.

Veronica (she/her) - a sexual protector in our system. She is also an extremely social alter. We thought she had fused back in January, but apparently the fusion didn’t take and she reappeared in May. Veronica has been the driving force of our social media. She’s the one that wanted us to start posting about our experience. She may write a few posts, but she’s not much of a writer.

V (she/her) - V is a teen alter. She is very social and served as co-host for a short time. She is likely to front in social situations that don’t involve adult activities. V is likely to contribute to this blog.

Brittany (she/her) - a protector in our system. Brittany helps bring stability to chaotic situations. She is also the one who is most comfortable being by herself in public spaces. So if we have to eat alone in public, Brittany will likely front. Brittany may or may not contribute to the blog.

Ariana (she/her) - our physical protector. Ariana is also likely to front when there is a perceived attack against the system. She is also in charge of a side system that the rest of us have no communication with. She might write a few posts.

Jessica (she/her) - Jessica doesn’t front very often, but when she does it’s likely to solve some kind of problem. It could be as simple as the body needing to eat, or it could be as complicated at smoothing over a shaky situation with a friend. If she fronts, she’s likely to write.

Angel (she/her) - a sexual protector. We haven’t figured out the rhyme or reason to when Angel fronts. She is likely to write a post if she has the opportunity.

The littles - we will refer to the littles collectively, and only if mentioning them is necessary to the story we are telling.

The gatekeepers - we generally refer to them collectively just because it’s easier. They don’t front often, and most of their job is internal. We’ll likely only refer to them as we need to in a story. They are not likely to write.

These are the alters we are most likely to talk about or who are mostly likely to write. This is not a list of all our alters. If others are mentioned, we’ll make it a point to describe who they are.

We hope you enjoyed “meeting” us and we look forward to writing more in the future!


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