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Talk to me like I’m sane, please.

We’re a 15-year-old OSDD-1B system from Northwestern US. I, personally, have known we’re a system since we were 8 years old, but our system was revealed when we 14. We’ve had interesting experiences with therapy - one other alter and I have spoken to her, our therapist is unaware of half of us but knows we’re a system.

We began needing/seeking help for childhood depression and suicidal thoughts at nine. We have a math disability, chronic anxiety, and during the peak of quarantine we were having a lot of panic attacks over the first (and only) diagnosis, which led to us getting private help at 13. Our therapist found out when we were 13/14 ish, after she recognized that something was off, I think, and then asked. She deals with PTSD, anxiety, trauma, etc., and diagnosed OSDD because we’re a minor, saying that DID was for adults. We don’t really have good therapy, we were hospitalized one time in April 2022 which was scary and we couldn’t do much, but we should have been there at nine. We have been talked out of going a few times.

Most people don’t believe us. Our parents (mom) think it’s fake and we just want attention. There’s no good way to handle that so we just don’t. You have to try to stay covert the most at this age because everyone wants to rip you to shreds.

Also, it’s frightening that this is the rest of whatever life we have. Everyone wants their own life but nobody wants to fuse. That makes sense from a trauma flood POV. Our whole experience has been “you’re so strong” or “would you say you relate to Alice in Wonderland?” and “I’m not really sure that’s right”. Talk to me like I’m sane, please.


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